Assignment Criteria

1. Canadian Geographic Wiki Article
  • all group members contribute to the article
  • describes the different connections between the geographic themes (population, climate, natural resources, & physical regions)
  • provides clear EXAMPLES of each connection and describes
  • adds interesting information about Canadian culture and identity (how the geographic themes add to our culture)
  • is a minimum of 6 paragraphs long
  • is free of spelling errors and has a flow
  • each paragraph is well constructed with a topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence

2. Province/Territory Tourist Guide Wiki Page
  • all group members complete the tourist guide planner including 5 sights to see, the locations, and 3 or more reasons why
This Planning Page must be completed by ALL Team members before you can start your Province/Territory Wiki Page
  • wiki page includes a clear title for Province/Territory
  • each sight being recommended must have a picture to go with it and a caption
  • Under your title of the Province/Territory, your page must include a short description of the Province/Territory
  • you Tourist Guide Wiki Page must have at least 5 links to other useful webpages based on your topic
  • each page must have 10 recommended sights for their Province/Territory on their Wiki Page (min. 2 from each team member)
  • each recommended sight needs to have a paragraph description stating its name, location, and 3 reasons for visiting it
  • prepare a 5 min. presentation - you will show your Tourist Wiki Page to the class using the projector and each member must have a role - prepare a short script
  • each recommended sight will be described in the presentation and presentation skills must be applied: eye contact, project voice, clear tone, scanning, & pace of speech