Quebec is a province with a lot of places
to go to which is why we picked Quebec

Quebec has a lot of historic area's to see
and here is a list of places to go to.-shay

Quebec Facts
Quebec is 594,857 square miles exactly which is a very big province,it is
also full of places to go.Its are rank is in 2nd place,And the land that is used is 54.4%
forest,11.9% fresh water and 33.7% other.The capital of Quebec is Quebec city.There motto is je me souviens if remember and there flower is called 'white garden'.-Faraz

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cirque de soleil
cirque de soleil translated into english from french is circus
of the sun. Cirque de soleil is a circus act in montreal,quebec
and is one of the most popular french circus acts we chose the
cirque de soleil because of how popular it is. Also did you know that
they started as just an act on street corners but now they are known
throughout the world and will never be forgotten.-allison

A great place to go to is place royale it is located in quebec city.
you should go there because place-royaleis the cradle of french
civilation which is very important to anybody french that you know and
many french people suggest that you see it.-taylor

Artillerry park
one place to go is the artillery park,which is located in quebec
city closest is inside the city walls.A reason to got here is things like
the old churches and weapons that the French like napoleon used to use.-ally

battle fields
In quebec city there is the battle field called battle fields park
muse national it is also a national park which most people
know about it is a very historic site in quebec city. -shay

st.lawrence river boat trip
In quebec at the st.lawrence river you can take a boat trip where
you go whale watching and see other marine/mammal species.-faraz

lle d'orleans

Old Quebec tours
the tour takes you all around Quebec and it also takes you to lle d'orleans
it a wonderful source to reach major tourist sites all over Quebec the tour bus leaves from Quebec city
and goes across the province and back to Quebec city and there is a 1-day excursion whale watching

Musee de la civilisation
Quebec isn't just a piece of land it much more than that, its a place where men and woman
traveled up and down, traces remain Quebecer's relationship with there own land and the future challenges that await them. Discover how they occupied there territory, and how they used natural resources, song and is located in Ottawa.

Musse de l'Amerique Francaise
this museum is the oldest museum is all of Canada. it was founded by monseignuer de laval in 1663. It is a witness
and herald of the colorful past, worthy of world's greatest epics. The museum now sets up exhibitions and organizes numerous other activities examining of the settlement and development of the French culture on the North America continent.

The 400th anniversary of Quebec
four themes: chronology,history,evolution, and future. 400th anniversary celebrations and activities for the whole family. As a part of the plan to illuminate the city, and a number of sites and monuments will be lit up
using sophisticated lighting techniques, so came on down to the 400th anniversary of Quebec at December 31 2008
well i cam going be there how about hope to see you there.

Journee du Temps des fetes
A show, activities and a mini parade on Saint-Jean Street. Santa is scheduled to be there at 1:30 p.m. and,
with the help of his elves, will hand out over a 100 presents to children of the winning families
of a raffle that will be held from 12 p.m. to 1:15 and guess what it is FREE.

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