British Columbia


British Columbia is a great place there are alot of natural resources, but not to many phycial regions the
population is around 33,390,141 estimated on july 2007 the climate in B.C. can use a little bit of
work it is normally wet but in the summer it can change. British Columbia was named by queen Victoria in 1848.
Queen Victoria chose British Columbia to say what was the British sector of the Columbia District from that of the united states.

Sites to visit

things about BC place to go to pictures. The title says it all hello BC

Is very us full for adults to find out information about traveling and booking hotels in BC.

Places to go

The place that i chose is metrotown mall. It is located in burnaby.The first reson why i would choose this is because, you can shop there, you can also eat there, and last but not least you can also watch movies.

The place that i chose was rocky point park. And it is located in port moody, B.C. Some reasons thta you would go there is becasue there is a beach, There is also a huge park, and also there is Pajo's.

The place that i chose is rail side skatepark. It is located port coquitlam, B.C. Some reasons why you would go there is beacuse it is the bigest skatepark in B.C., also there is lots of groucery stores around the area, and last but not least there are really nice people if u get to now them.

SAM- The place i chose was Osoyoos it is located west of the U.S.A. border. when you get there you can ski in the mountains on 45mins away, also you can ski in the morning and gollf in the night time for dail enjoyment. When you go out to swim in the lake it is the warmest and freshes water in B.C.

The other place i chose was Seymour mountian it is located off of hwy 1. when you get there you can ski snowboard or evan snow shoe. Once you get on your ski's and snowboards you can hit the hill and go to the differen't hills like mystery mountain and the begginer hill and the trick hill of rmore expercinced people. Also you can eat in the food court.

The place i chose is Penticton it is located North of the U.S.A. border for the older peoplre you can make wine out of the fresh made berries from the farm.Also you can swim in the water and walk on the nice soft sand on the beach. Once you get to hot from the hot sun you can swim in the water and evan maybe find the ogopogo if you are lucky!

KAELY the place i picked is Whistler it is super nice hotels. You can go skiing in the winter and dirt biking in the summer. The resion you should go to whitler because it onme of the nnicest place to go to in BC. I think it is an awesome place to go it doesn't matter how old you are either.

GM place Vancouver: Gm place is located in Vancouver. You can watch hockey,concerts, shows,you can get food . I think you should go there because you could do a lot of stuff there. another resign is because you can watch thing there.

OKanogan lake the okangan lake is located in Pentecton summer land peach land Kelown and Vernon . I think you should go there because you can go swimming boating and fishing even take pictures of the ogopogo if you can find it the only think you cant do to the ogopogo is hunt it the ogopogo is under the sfetey of the brithsh colembia goverment the okangon lake is awesome. IT is one of the nices place to go to in the summer very hot.

ERIC the place that i have chose is the p.n.e it is located in north vancouver you should go there because you can play games, go on rides and you can eat food there.

the place that i have chose is grouse mountain and it is in Vancouver.you should go there because u can get exercise, snow board and you can mountain zip lines.

the place that i have chose is Canada games pool and it is in new west minister you should go there because they have really big diving boards, games and exercising machines.