Daily Work Log

Daily Work Log
October 22/08
Today we accomplished by coming up with a name for our team. We will start writing our paragraphs tomorrow on the wiki page and putting more ideas to our paragraphs. We will also try to make our page nicer and add more details and information.Omega, Petra and Markanthony will work on the site at home too.

Daily Work Log
October 23/08
Today Markanthony, Omega and I all wrote our paragraphs on our wiki page. We edited the paragraphs and we will make some changes to our wiki page. We will do a table of contents on our page to get you to our work. We will work on our page this weekend at home. We will add more details to our page too.

Daily work Log
October 27/08
Today we made our table of contents and had help from Mr. Hayes. We will write our paragraphs next class and we will work on the wiki at home too.

Daily work Log
October 28/08
Today we wrote our 4th paragraph on the wiki. Omega will write the 5th paragraph too. Markantony will try to find some pictures for our page. We will edit the page and put it all together at home.

Canadian Geographic Article

Natural Resources connect to different themes for different reasons. It connects to Climate because certain things are found in certain areas. Like how there are lots of fish in British Columbia. And it connects to Populations because where there are lots of Natural Resources there are lots of people. Like how people live in Alberta because of the oil rich. Also it connects to Physical Regions because Natural Resources are grown or found in specific areas. Now you can see how Natural Resources connect to the three different geographic themes in Canada. By Omega

Climate relates and affects all three geographical themes.Climate connects to physical regions in Canada. That affects everything in the physical region. (fruits, vegetables). climate connects to natural resources because food grows where the best weather is. People plant fruits and vegetables where they would grow better. (kelowna, Canada). Climate connects to population because more people move where the weather is warmer and nicer. It all depends on the people and the weather pattern. (British Columbia). They all connect to climate depending on their reasons. By Petra

Physical Region and a provinces. Populations are connected by agriculture and natural resources. 79.4% of Canadians live in cities near the belt of Canada. 24.3% live in small towns or rural areas. More people would live on the belt because it's warmer and things grow better.In the belt its colder and not much grows.BY Markanthony.

Physical regions connects to population because in the mountain area less people live there because it is colder. It is wet in the mountains and less people live there. Physical regions connects to climate because it is flat in the mountain area. Physical regions connects to natural resources because in a specific place for the food grows more and better. More people live where there are better natural resources and better climate and more population and where the region is better. By Petra, Omega & Markantony

As you can see all geographic themes have different meanings but still connect together in a lot of ways. Like how populations means how many people live in a certain area. Natural resources means natural things found or grown in different areas. Climate means the weather pattern over a long period of time. Physical regions means that a portion of a region divided by natural boundaries like rivers, and mountains. They all have their differences and they all have their connections between themes. By Omega, Petra & Markantony

external image climate%2520regions.gif&usg=AFQjCNEH6tocEOfD2EIZdFKHSHPedxkiKQ external image Logo.jpg external image chart1_1.jpg external image map_phys_tn.jpg
Climate Natural Resources Populations Physical Regions

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