`` `Welcome to our Canucks pagimages.jpge!!!! we are the team of:DIMA,RYAN,TREVOR ,jennifer,TENECIA MOOSE.gifsd_sp_crossedhockeysticks.jpgoctober 29:2008olimpic.gifDIMA IS WORKING ON CLIMATE,TREVOR IS DOING PHYSICAL REGIONS,RYAN IS DOING POPULATION AND TENECIA IS DOING NATURAL RESOURCES.THESE ARE OUR 4 GEOGRAPHY THEMES.

Daily Work Log-we made a team name then we made paragraphs and then we uploaded the paragraphs onto the www.travel Canada.Wikispaces.com website.Tenecia is taking over dima for today.Dima made a paragraph about nova scotia.

Daily work Trevor and Bryan are working on the worksheets in success club

Today is:November 10/2008>
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today is :nov 12 /08 daliy work today we worked on are alberta page and up dated the page today

daliy work log to day we worked on are wiki pageon alberta and are home page By:trevor

These are our paragraphs by:DIMA,RYAN,TREVOR AND TENECIA

Climate affects population because more people live were its warm and less people live were
it's cold.Natural resources affects population because people move to different towns cities and
countries for jobs. Physical regions helps population because of the food that grows on farms
example:Alberta.this paragraph was by:Ryan

The weather can control the natural resources in Canada for example:The forest needs the right amount of rain and sun to grow.The temperature has to be right to order for the trees in the forest to grow.
Paragraph by:Tenecia

Climate is important because it is weather and it makes trees & plants grow.If we don't have food we will starve.For example:on the Pacific coast it is mild wet winter & warm summer.If the winter will be snowy and very cold many plants & trees will freeze & also the animals will die because they wouldn’t find any food.Many kinds of fish can disappear because the water temperature has changed. If summer on the Pacific coast will be very hot there might be a forest fire. This is why climate is important. Many different factors influence the climate of a place. Such as the amount of moisture, latitude is an important factor, winds also affect climate.paragraph by:dima

The physical region can affect the natural resource in Canada by the types of resources in the different areas in Canada for example.In b.c there is a lot of rain that will help the trees[forest] to grow naturally.
Paragraph by:Trevor

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