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Daily work log


Today we thought of our team name after a loooooonnnnnnnnngggg time but we thought of one.We also finished our roughdraft.ct.22/08 Today we edited our page and made it look better by adding colour and writing a bit of information about us on our page.

Today we finished our paragraphs well most of us did and we are trying to get everyone else done.

Today faraz and allison have finished there paragraph which is a big boost in our progress beause we were way farther behind before this block so i think we did well today. nov.3/08
today we didn't get much done because the internet was down our computer.

Canadian geographic Articals..


Physical Regions are parts of the world province and countries well i will be talking to you about Canada. Canada has plains and cordillera etc... and now i will be telling you connections with physical regions and natural resources, Climate, and population. physical regions connects to natural resources by, resources grow in different regions. population and physical regions, the bottom of Canada is much hotter then the the north. and climate there are different weathers in different parts of Canada and the last one natural resources they grow in different parts of Canada. Physical regions are regions in different areas that we could that have different what we could call backgrounds such as the cordillera or plains and anything that you could think of.Physical regions can have different temperatures different areas such as forest or dessert or mountains or city it just depends where your talking about that is my explanation of what physical regions are.


population is people in a province. populations go up and down everyday, people are born everyday, and people die everyday. population connects to natural resourced because populations use natural resources everyday like, vegetables that are grown, papaer from trees, pencils from wood. populations connects to climate because the weather can effect people in populations because if it snows to much people can get snowed in. populations connects to physical regions because populations live in different parts of the world.


Natural resources is items found in a natural environment.People use natural resources everyday like paper from trees pencils from wood vegetables grown.Natural resources connects to population because populations need natural resources to survive.like food,water ext. Natural resources connects to climate because , natural resources like vegetables, need rain and sun and the climate gives that to them. Natural resources connects to physical regions because,natural resources grow in different parts of physical regions. Natural resoureces are things that are found naturally through out the world like fruit or corn because they are grown form the earth naturally without anybody growing


Climate connects to natural resources,physical regions and population.climate connects to natural resources

because food can only grow in certain temperatures such as corn it can not grow in the winter unlike other foods. climate connects to physical regions by how different areas have different temperatures due to the equator line,for example mexico is much closer to the equator line then vancouver which makes it much warmer in mexico then vancouver. climate connects to population by how people have different opinions of how cold or hot for where the want to be,as in people from antarctica i dought that they would want to live in mexico or the other way around,there is some reasons for how climate would connect to all the subjects as in population.physical regions and natural resources.

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