Names :
( Saman ( Physical Regions) , Raymond(Natural Resources), Madison C ( Population) , Rupinder (Climate)


DAILY WORK LOG Oct.16 Today we worked on our names of our team. We also worked on our title. Tomorrow we will try to do our paragraphs. (saman did this daily work log)

Raymond's paragraph
There are a lot of connections for the natural resources.
First of all, it connects to populations, because the natural resources provides food, shelter, and things like that to help growing a lot of populations. If there are more mining places, there will be about 73percent chance of getting more populations.
The other is the climate. The climate weather can do(or effect in another words,) the natural resources in two ways, decreasing or increasing it. There are big difference, because if the climate weather is very cold, the crops won't grow or properly, so there would be some decreases of natural resources. But, if the weather is good and well, it will help growing crops, so the natural resources would be increasing, and if you're lucky, there would be some extras.
The last thing that connects with natural resource is the physical region, because when the new region is created, there are about 75% chance of having the new natural resources.

The reality of the connections are very amazing.

Saman's paragraph : In some countries it is sunny and rainy. To have sun and rain is really good because when its sunny and rain it'll help the plants grow. Then we we have the rain and sun we will have population.
When the regions are made like caves,rivers and more there would be natural resources like mines. and when there is good natural resources there would be more population.
The natural resources makes the land the regions make the rivers and others. And regions have chemicals that are on land.

Rupinder paragraph: Climate and population is related because people would want to live where it is warmer or colder.Natural resources goes with together because without it being sunny it cannot grow
things like plants. Physical regions it goes together because if it is more sunny it will grow more plants.
Madison paragraph : Population is what makes the earth full of fun. Some places have a warm climate and won't be able to play in the snow if it is hot out. Some places are very hot and can have fruit like apples and they can only can grow to a warm place, like if you have
a snow day.

DAILY WORK LOG Oct.23 Today Rupinder,Madison, Saman and Raymond wrote the paragraph.We also put colors on our paragraphs.

(saman did this daily work log)

DAILY WORK LOG Oct.28 Today, we wrote our rough article and hopefully we can have our 6 paragraphs by tomorrow.(saman did this daily work log)


external image 720px-Flag_of_Alberta_%28Alternate_Version%29.svg.png

ALBERTA Tourist Guide : SAMAN-

It in possible for flowers to grow in February. For snow that falls in August.The winters are lengthy and cold and summers are lengthy and the cold and summers are quite cool and short. The amount of annual rainfall is quit low. Alberta winter temperatures are also subjects to long periods of enduring extremes!

The climate in Alberta during the summer it is usually warm in the morning till lunch time. Then in the evening it starts to get cloudy and sometimes there are drops of rain and it cool off. In Winter time there are heavy snow balls and really cold weather this is most in the.

The oil is most found under the ocean floor and also the gas. But most of it is found in the Boreal forest. The gas is used for traveling to long places. The products for oil and gas is gasoline, paint, plastics, candles, chewing gum, make up and much more!

Alberta population increased at more then five times the nations average during the last three months of 2005, as record number of more then ever as of January 1st 2006 population is nearly at 3.306,400 which thats a lot. During the nool to 2006 period the million mark and 3290 350 people were enumerated same reirood alberta share canada total populaton topped 10 % for the first time.

Oil mining is the most important money activity in Alberta with the province accounting for the most of the country's oil are found beneath the foot hills that lye against the base of the Rookies. It Became a province in 1905

In April 1st, 2007 Alberta's population is almost estimated to be 800 people 3. 07%) for the twelve months ending in April 1st 2007. The Alberta, country has been very strong for many years, and as for a result, the province continues to experience the highest net inter provincial migration in Canada.

Daily Work Log: Today Oct.28 we finished our 6 paragraph. We did our article and we are finished it.

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