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Canadian Geography Article:

There are many ways that climate is connected to the other three geographic themes.Like in The Shield it's cold and sometimes snowy, but is a physical region. The natural resources like trees for lumber are affected by weather like when its very hot or very cold it wont grow correctly, But when its warm and watered it will grow. Also where it's hot like Alberta its where people would choose to live instead up at Nunavut where it's cold, icy, and snowy almost everywhere. So those are some of the many ways that the other three geographic themes are connected to climate.
I am writing about how population connects to physical Regions,climate and natural resources.An example population connects to climate is People like to live in the warm place.I have a another example is how population connects to physical Region is People wouldn't want to live in the mountains. In Canada we have more than 30 million people that live in the this country.
We have a lot of important resources.

My Theme is Physical regions, physical regions can connect to the other geography themes in many ways.The way that physical region connects to population is the people would like to live in the shield.The shield includes Ontario and Quebec.The way physical regions connects to natural resources is that in the mountains give good lumber from trees.You can find mountains in th cordillera.The way that physical regions connects to climate is that the shield (Ontario & Quebec) is a cold and snowy place. This is how some of the ways that the physical regions connects to the other three geography themes.
Natural resources connects to physical regions,climate and population. For example, warm weather helps trees grow well and well-grown trees are good for lumber. Also,people would prefer to live where they can access what they need. Finally, natural resources connects with physical regions because most of the natural resources grow in plain regions. My examples are very few ways to show how natural resources connects to other three themes. There are a lot of many ways to know how they connect to each other.
It is important that geography themes are connected to each other. It is important because climate is important to natural resources because the weather affects how crops and such grow. Physical Regions is connected to natural resources because the mountains have trees for lumber while the prairies are good for crops. The population is also connected because people would like to live where its the right conditions like if people like it where they can access all the resources they need they could move to Ontario or The Prairies. That is why all the geography themes connected make a difference then when they don't connect at all

Us Canadians we have our own Canadian identity to use and protect. Canadian identity refers to the set of characteristics and symbols used to express their unique place and role in the world.
To people outside of Canada they think it is a land of snow, hockey, French, and many other things that they think are Canadian. Our selves as Canadians we do not know our cultural identity. Though we are not American, French, nor British people think we are them, but influenced by them. That was the Canadian Identity, what it is and what we are as a Canadian.


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