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Randy is doing climate, Sam is doing population, Alexis is doing natural resources, and Celia is doing physical regions. I hope you like our webpage, GO GEOWIZES!

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physical reigons

here are some connections that physical reigons has with other themes.physical reigon and natuarl resourses are conneted because farmers are where it is flatter like sasckwen.population relates to physical reigon because people live where its easy to settle like the coast of vancover.climate and physical reigons connect because the artic is cold and has long winters.these are the connetions to phisical regions
Physical Regions of Canada


Pulation is the amount of people living in specific area.
Many people live were it is warmer, like in Saskatchawen.Most people live were it is easier to settle, like the west cost by the water. Most people also live were it is easy to grow crops.Like the flat lands.(Saskatchewen) These are the connections to population.
Here is a example of a population map of Canada.
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Natural Resources

Some good connections about natural resources. Some good connections between natural resources and phisical regions are that more farmers want to live where it's more flatter so they can grow better crops. Population connects with natural resources are that people want to live where the can buy more things cheaper. Climate connects with natural resources are that more farmers want to live where it's a little warmer to grow more crops. This is how natural resources connects with other geographical themes!
Here is an example of a natural resources map of Canada.
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The definition of climate is the typical weather conditions of an area. Climate is connected to natural resources becuase more farmers live where it is warmer so they can grow weat crops better. Climate also connects to population because more people like to live where it is warmer like B.C and less where it is colder like the Yukon Territories. Climate connects to Physical Regions because the Arctic is very cold and has long winters. Another more accurate definition for climate or what it means is the pattern or cycle of weather conditions such as temperature, wind, rain, snowfall, humidity, clouds, including extreme or occasional ones, over a large area, averaged over many years. These are the connections and the definition of climate.
The map below shows how much the climate has warmed in each region of Canada. The numbers indicate the change from 1948 to 2007 in the average annual temperatures in °C.

Map of climatic change in Canada
Map of climatic change in Canada

Welcome all tourist guides to SASKATCHEWAN!!!!!

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Motto:strength from many people
offical language:english
largest city:saskatoon
largest metro:saskatoon
lieutenant goerment:gordan barnhart
premier:brad wall
federal representation in canadian parliament:
house seats:14
senate seats: 6
confederation:september 1 1905 split from NWT (9 province)
total area:651,900km (251,700 sq mi)
land:591,670km(228,450 sq mi)
water%:59,366km (22,921 sq mi)
population total 2008:101,011,46
density:1.67/km( c 4.3/sq mi)
GPD total (2006): c $45,o51 billion
percapita: c $45.718
abbreviations postal: sk
lso3166-2 ca sk
postal code prefix:s
flower:westorn red lilly
tree:paper birnch
bird:sharp-talied grouse