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Daily Log
log.jpgOct.21/08: We got our page for the first time. We all finished our rough drafts and started to learn about the Wiki.

Oct.22/08: Together we made changes to our page. We revised our title and added a few cool pictures, we also changed the fonts around on the page.

Oct.23,08: We added our articles today. Gabby is the only one who did not do hers, due to her absence.

Oct.27/08: I Gabby finished my article today! We also did a few edits to our page and made it look awesome. Jacob did a daily work log but it was deleted. Olivia worked a bit on the the page . And Jacob did a lot of typing and changes to the page.

Oct.28/08: Olivia is doing a lot of typing, Gabby has been looking for pictures, Jordan is messing about, and Jacob was typing and looking for more pictures. We made a lot of progress today with the typing. We also made our page look awesome.

Oct.29/08:To day we found imformation for are province tourist guide an also put on are last intro article an are conclusion article.

Oct.30/08: We studied up for our tourist guide. We did not even come on the WIKI!

Nov.3/08: We got our intro up but then we had difficulties. Olivia got on so I (jacob) tried again and we got on again but only enough time left to finish our log!

Nov.5/08: We were in the library getting more info for our province tourist guide. We also added it to that page.

Canadian Geography Article

Article Intro: We have been learning about Canadian geography. We have learned the four main geography themes of our country. These four parts are Natural Resources, Climate, Population, and Physical Regions. In the next few paragraphs, we will talk about what each of these are, by providing a definition, example, and how it connects to the 3 other themes. We hope you enjoy our article!

Olivia: Population means how many people live somewhere, population also connects to the 3 other topics very well. Most people live in places like the Okanagan because of all the natural resources. These are fruit and veggies and other resources. Lots of People live about 300 km. of the U.S.A. border, because the climate is warmer down there.

Jordon: There are so many natural resources in Canada. The natural resources of Canada are mainly fruit, mining, and fisheries. Natural Resources connect to the other 3 topics very well. You need certain climates to grow certain foods, like warm weather to grow wheat, which is found in the Prarie region! Also people would LOVE to live closer to natural resources so they don't have to pay as much for them. As you can see, natural resources are very important.

Jacob: The regions of Canada are parts separated by either population, climate, natural resources, or all of them! I live in the Cordillera region. Now I've gotten used to the cooler summers and warmer winters. And most of Canada's wheat comes from the Prarrie region. This is because of the flat land and hot summers. Also the population is scarce in the Arctic because it is a tundra! The regions of Canada are so interesting, and the connections are to everything!

Gabby: Climate is basically a fancy word for weather over a long period of time. For example in Vancouver, the climate is mild winters with usually little snow and warm sunny summers, but the rest of the year is usually sunny or rainy & windy. But luckily for us the Rocky Mountains block most of the snow storms which makes us the warmest province in winter's by far! Yet if we went to the Arctic for winter, all there would be is snow! Not even any sunlight! I love all of Canada's cool climates!

Article Conclution: As you can see Canada has so many features. With all the regions and natural resources like oil and fish, to the populations and mixed climates like the hot, dry summers and cold, long winters in Saskatchewan. It has many different settling choices because of all the climates and resources that are produced there. Like the cooler summers and warmer winters along the coast of British Columbia. A nice spot to live, and fresh fish like salmon are at your fingertips! So hopefully our article has told you alot about Canada, and maybe you may want to learn more! If so, don't forget to check out all the Travel Canada groups for the Province Tourist Guide page links!!!

Province Tourist Guide

Link for Sask. facts

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