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Daily Work Log

Today we start our wiki page, and Mr.Hayes helped us too.
Priscilla gives me advice,and Eddy has been telling me what has been happening,Cameron is asking question that we don't think about,and I am the one typing this, and the one thinking if their advice is a good idea, if I tell them I don't think it's good, we talk about it,(for our own good.)By: Agatha

Daily Work Log
October 23 2008, We typed our paragraph on the Canadian geography article.It was confusing at first but after Mr.Hayes taught us where to write the paragraph we went smoothly.By Agatha and Priscilla

Daily Work Log
October 27 2008, Today we saw the assignment criteria and we fixed our page a little bit.

Daily wok log
Oct 28 2008 Today we fixed our spelling and paragraphs.

Canadian Geographic Article


I am Eddy, I am doing physical region. Physical Regions is where every thing is located.
Physical Regions is connected to climate because climate gives regions lots of (land) lots natural resources and they give water, to water the ground.


I am Agatha, I am doing natural resources. Natural Resource means the stuff from nature. A natural resource's value rests in the amount of the material available and the demand it.People like the place that has lots of natural resources.Now I am going to tell you how natural resources connects to climate,population, and physical region.
Natural resources connects to physical regions because any area that has lots of natural resources has higher population,(not all the time).some natural resources are only available in certain regions and some are not.Some physical regions have more natural resource than others.
Natural resources connects to population because while many of the environmental impacts of humankind closely map demographic indicators, this leaves out one vital component: consumption. The per-capita consumption of key natural resources varies hugely around the world. Typically, but not universally, the citizens of rich industrialized nations use more of the world’s resources and produce more waste. Sometimes they thereby deplete their own environments; sometimes other people’s.Some people, cuts millions of trees down, (explain: the natural resources will be quickly be less than before because humans goes there than cut trees down,and take huge nature stuff even though we tried our best not to, and plant trees, I just want to tell you a really simple way to say is people use stuff from nature.The place that has more natural resources have higher population.EX:In Alberta some people live there because there is lots of oil and if there is low gas for cars you can get the gas.
Natural resources is connects to climate because rain climate, cold climate,and warm climate gives the west coast lots of trees as a natural resources.


. Population means an estimate of how many people live in a place. Population connects to climate,natural resources and physical regions. Population and climate: Most people like to live where the weather is great. Some people like to live where it is not cold.So it depends on what kind of weather you like.
Population and natural resources: Many people like to live where there is lots of natural resources. Most of the people would like to live where they can find lots of natural resources and use it.
Population and physical region: Lots of people like to live where it is easy to settle. Some might like to live where there are lots of places to go. Farmers would like to live where the soil is good so they can grow lots of food and sell it. Most of all, they all have a lot in common!!!


//I am Cameron and my topic is climate. Climate is a regular weather pattern. One of its connections is to population because if there's warm climate there's going to be a high amount of population, and where there's cold climate there's going to be a low amount of population.

Most people like to live where there is lots of different things.(like population.......)
So do are group.It depends on the place.,
external image NorthwestTerritoriesFlag.png external image canada_nwt_map1.gif
This is a flag of the Northwest Territories. The red spot is where Northwest Territories is located.

Territory Tourist Page

Northwest Territories
We choose northwest territory because it's a place that not many people live in. We think maybe it will be an interesting place to travel in.
Hay River is a really beautiful place, I think Northwest Territories is a great place, I've never thought about that before.
Example: Yellowknife is a great place too, because it has the northen lights.You can't see it anywhere except in Yellowknife. (Yellowknife is in The Northwest Territory.)