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Welcome To the X-plores Manitoba Page


Hi we are the X-plorers and we are studying Manitoba. Manitoba is a unique province in it's own way just like every other provinces. Today November 4 we had a guest teacher so we work on our assignments after school have. We are The X-plorers and we want to get as many people to visit our site as possible so that we can see that people come because we have something called a cluster map, we can see when people come to our site. We will add more to our site and make it as best we can and remember we are in between the age 10-13 and we hope u to have a great time at Manitoba "if you ever go".This is our home site and you might think the picture is random but it is not it represents X-plorers site because if you ever looked at a flag of a x-plorers they always have the X or cross showing that they never backed down to a fight and we wont back down trying to stop typing and typing and typing.

Sites to visit

Assinibone Park
This park is in Winnipeg and they is lots of different things to do. There is a miniature passenger train,a zoo and here is also a great duck pond. This place is a great place for the whole family. And did you know that there is a statue of winnie the pooh and winnie the pooh is named after Winnipeg.

The Churchill Expedition
This expedition is in Churchill and you can see so much like polar bears,whales,bird and also seals. You can also see the northern lights isn't that so cool.

Winnipeg Railway Museum
This site is in Winnipeg and is a great place to vist if you are looking to learn something. There is a tour about the changing technologies of train travel and you can also see the first steam locomotive that pulled it to Winnipeg in1877 "the Countess of Dufferin".

Winnipeg rainbow stage
Its great for family friends kids and for any type of people. Ther is talent from all around canada and it's a broad way musical. It's in winnipeg the capital of Manitoba.

Winnipeg art gallery
It's located legislative building. It's for all types of people and you can see any type of art you can explore the past of manitoba and discover some heritage. You can look at many cool pieces.

Riding Mountain
It's located in Wasagaming. You can test some food like all different kinds of aboriginal food. You can go for hikes and go mountain biking.

Spirit Sand Spruce Woods
It' s a provincial park pincushion cacti. You can slide down the dunes and you can hike around. It's amazing it has so many things to see like the dunes, you can hike, see and

take pictures of everything

Osborne village
It's in Winnipeg . Its a great place to go shopping. It has almost everything you need. It has some of Canada's best chocolates and great coffee. It's a awesome place to check out. Maybe you should check it out when your there it will help when you get hungry. Mmm good.

Oak hammock marsh interpretive center
You can view animals and artifacts on display or try something like paddle a canoe through prime birding territory and guess what you can laugh at the antics of the ground squirrels outside

Polar bears
It's located in Manitoba. You should go there and you could see all the amazing animals but there is one particular animal Polar bears. The are snow white and they look beautiful. They are oner of Manitoba's best features.



Our little paragraph about Manitoba

Manitoba is one of the most unique places I have ever studied. It has so many cool places to visit like parks, museums, and so many more. There are so many great sites to see. Did you know that Manitoba has about 1.2 million in population because I just learned that. Actually I learned alot of stuff about Manitoba like what kind of things you can do there and more than you can imagine I hope that you can go to manitoba and see the great sites we have talked about in this site. I know everyone thinks it's just plain old manitoba but just like every province its unique, special and they all have the own characteristics. There is so much to learn like we have learned so much we cant even explain it. We hope you got a little taste of Manitoba's specialties and qualities because I know we have. Maybe just Maybe one day this site will help you find some great places to go and see when you are in Manitoba.