New Brunswick

Places to go in New Brunswick...

Cape Enrage Beach
~~if you love swimming, come visit the Cape Enrage Beach. It is located at Barn Marsh Island NB. This place is very beautiful and listed as "the best view in Canada". You can see as many animals as you like, for example Elder ducks, loons, blue herons. The beach has very warm water and a great place to bring friends and family. So when u visit New Brunswick, visit the Cape Enrage Beach.
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Magic Mountain Water park

~~ come down and have a splashing time at Magic Mountain Water Park. It is located in Moncton NB. This water park has 8 fun filled slides , for adults and children. there are lots of pools and hot tubs to. You can have a picnic on the grassy areas. This place is amazingly beautiful and a wide open area. There are many new slides to come.

Bluebird Cafe

~If u have an appetite, come down to the Bluebird Cafe. Located in Moncton NB. This lace is highly rated from
~If people. It has delicous food, and the staff is very friendly. The menu is filled with great food and smart names for them. leave happy when you come to the Bluebird Cafe.

Magnetic Hill Zoo

~~ If you love animals, this is the place for you. The Magnetic Hill Zoo is located in Moncton NB. It has endangerd species and you can hold you birthday partys and have a great time. This is a great place to bring your friends and family, especially your kids. So if your in town, come here and have the time of your life

Solaris Salon Spa

~~you want a day off? need to relax? come in and be pampered to your needs. Solaris Salon Spa is located in st Fredericton NB. This place has very well trained workers and are very friendly to everyone. Its a Beautiful place and very relaxing. Just sit back and relax, they will do it all for you.
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Some interesting facts about New Brunswick..

~~New Brunswick, has some of the most nicest beaches in Canada. It has sharks in the bay that you can go out and watch in a boat. You can attend chocolate festival and eat away. You can go bear watching with your family's and find out informations about bears. You can attend and maybe compete in sand castle competitions and there are prizes in for it. The radio has up to date news about Tide reports so you know when to go out and ride the tide. New Brunswick is a beautiful place and has many interesting
things to do. New Brunswick alos has very good chocolate stores, and if you have a sweet tooth, come and try it !!

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