Prince Edward Island

I picked Prince Edward Island because it has alot of important sites like confederation bridge it is a 12.4 km bridge it is the Canada's biggest bridge

Elmira Railway Museum
located on the eastern parts of Prince Edward Island.The railway became a important site in the 1900's. it opened for civilians and tours in 1912. Only the wooden station house and master office was recreated.

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Confederation Birdge
the bridge is located in Borden-Carleton which is in Prince Edward Island. I think you should go to the bridge because it is the world's largest bridge in Canada it is around length of 12.4 km or for some people 8 miles it connects with Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.Throughout the 1980's people all around Prince Edward Island said they wanted it not be broken so they put up polls for votes and 59.4 percent of the presents said yes they want to stay so thats why its here today

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Acadican Museum
It is located in miscoushe. Discover treasures from the Acadicans which is nearly 300 years old.
The Historic Site has been present from the 1720's, watch a video and visit exhibits. Also visit the
gift shops they have diaries and necklaces

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Beaconsfield Historic House
located in Charlottetown. It was built by a weathly shipbuilder and a merchant in 1877. with around 25 rooms for workers. it also has eight fireplaces. Today the house is open to tours and presents and it hosts a variety of of special events. like carriage house. It also holds a bookstore with island treasures on there books

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Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo-house
as it is located in Charlottetown. step back in the time of James Yeo, Jr. he was considered the to be the most richest and the most influential man in the colony. so come on down to explore the rooms of the Yeo house

Other important facts about Prince Edward Island
Sir James Douglas founded B.C. in Prince Edward Island. He was born in august 15 1803 he died in august 2 1877 his home town was Demerara. Sir James Douglas went to Fort Langley because of the Fraser river which was about less then 1km away from the historic site which is Fort Langley. Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province it is only 224 km
There motto is the small under the protection of the great. The island was named after the father of Queen Victoria of england in 1799. Also guess what Abegwit is the aboriginal word for Prince Edward Island