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Welcome to our page; James is studying natural resources, Jason is studying populations, and Cicely is studying Climate. We hope you like our page!

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Canada Geographic Articles:

Natural Resources: Natural resources are resources found naturally in the environment. Natural resources effects the population because some people choose to live in an area where there are good natural resources. Example : In Alberta some people live there because there is lots of oil and if there is low gas for cars you can get the gas.

Population: Population is all about people and where they live but also it relates with other geographical themes. For example population is effected by climate, most people prefer to live in warmer areas than the colder parts of Canada. Another fact is that the populations can also be effected by what natural resources they need such as that some people live near the water because they need the natural resources. But also population is effected by the physical regions whether they want to live in physical regions like mountains. Population can really relate with other geographical themes!

Climate: Health Canada is working on research and decisions across the country to better understand how
a changing climate will affect human health and to determine the best ways to prepare for these changes.
The world's climate has changed many times in the past, and it is changing again.

Daily Work log:

Nov 12/08 Last day to work
Last Day to work on Wiki, we're trying to finish the last touches on our Wiki and prepare for the presentation tommorow. We are all nervous but hopfuly we'll go great!

Nov 03/08 Good copy of Tourism Guide
Now that we have finished our rough province/territory guide we're going to begin our good copy, we're still working on it...

Oct 28/08 Editing each other's work
Now we have to start the articles and also we got to edit each other's work, after the edit our articles have improved a lot - with the help of all of us.

Oct 27/07 The start of Provincial Articles
We've finish our geographical articles and now we're start on new one, each group now will have indualivized province to study

Oct 22/08 Learning how to decorate our Wikispaces
Finally we figure out how to docrate our Wikispaces, we still don't know much about Wiki but we're getting there. The introduction was just updated, hope you like it!

Oct 21/08 The starting of our Wikispaces
Today we are starting our wiki space, we have finally come up with a good team name and started our wiki space. We still don't know much about Wiki but hopefully as we go on we can learn more about Wiki

Provincial Articles:

Province Tourist Guide

Prince Edward Island