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Daily Work Log

October 21 ,2008 Today Sam wrote his paragraph on the Wiki Kyle help Sam by reading the words to him. Eric wrote his rough of this paragraph we also added our toc ( table of contents). (Daily work log done by kaely)

October 22 ,2008 Today Everyone added color and made the letters bigger and made our Wiki look way better and kaely proof read our paragraphs and made some changes to them.
(Daily work log done by kyle)

October 23 ,2008 Today we finished putting our paragraphs on and got our province B.C.
(Daily work log done by Kaely)

October 27 ,2008 Today everyone said the Criteria out. Sam edited the colors. Kaely did the daily work log. Kyle and Eric helped.
(Daily work log done by kaely)

October 28 ,2008 Today kyle added more color and added 1 more paragraph and we need to add 1 more kaely helped two people with their Wiki and Eric downloaded pictures on to the Wiki and Sam did the daily work log.
(Daily work log done by Sam)

November 3 ,2008 Today we finished our tourist guide planner and added to our Province terroitery.


Sam- Natural resources connects to population, climate, and, physical regions. Natural resources connect to population when you live in the Arctic there would be less natural resources. Also natural resources connects to climate because if the whether is bad in some places there would be and effect because if they have a farm they can't grow what they need to grow. Natural resources connect to physical regions because difficultly terrain will result in less people to live in the area. So that is why my connections for natural resources connect to other geographical themes.
Eric- my geographical theme is population. Population connects to Climate because if the weather is bad it will effect the population number. Also it connects to natural resources the Arctic is very cold and has long winters. Population connects to physicals regions because more people will live where it easier to settle .
Kaely- Climate effects Population ,Natural Resources, Physical regions . Climate effects Natural resources by effecting growing food on farms. Some people like to live where is hotter because it Easter to grow wheat. Physical regions are a big part of climate with the weather in a region effects food and fish. The thing i have just told u the thing about the geographical themes .
Kyle- My Canadian theme is Physical regions, and Ill tell you how they connect to other themes, It connects to population because people like to live in warmer places like in the plains. Also it connects to natural recourses because there are different resources in different regions. Physical regions connects to climate because in the plains its hot, and in the shield it is cold. Those are the reasons why Physical regions connect to other Canadian themes.
Extra- these are some more things about Geographical themes. First we will tell you how they all connect to other geographical themes, Physical regions connects to climate because different regions have different kinds of weather. Also climate affects trees because if it is dry and no wetness the tree could shrivel up. Population connects to natural resources because they would like to live where they can have access to resources.
Extra- This is the concluding paragraph to our article , Those are some of the ways all the geographical themes connect i hope you enjoyed reading this and we will be moving on to our province study British Columbia.

Province Study

British Columbia