Welcome to our social studies georgraphy page.we are the X-plores.In our group we have Dominic studying Climate ,Deion studying Natural Resources , Emily studying Population, and Mariyah studying Physical Regions. Please Explore our page.

Daily Work log

0ctober.21.08-Today we started our page and made an introduction.Dominic finished his paragraph along with ,Emily, Mariyah. Deion was working on his paragraph.We are going to start putting our paragraphs on our page. Our next step is to get together and create a cool looking page. We did are daily work log and we are going to do much more in our future with this page

October.23.08-Today we started doing are articles unfortunately two of are members were away today so we are missing 2 articles so you wont get the full interview but hopefully tomorrow are 2 members should be hear so you should get the new info soon ty for visiting our site

October.27.08-Today Mariyah,Emily, and Dominic finished putting our paragraphs onto our page. Now all we have to do is put Deions parigagh on the page and add pictures and make it look more nice.

Oct.28.08-Today we accomplished lots of work.Deion finished his paragraph and mariyah made a link to a new page for our Provincial artical. we hope to morrow to accomplish a lot more and develop our cool site :) and hopefully we can go Canada wide so people across the world can look at our sites and i enjoy doing this and this is only a Social studies class. we are going to hopefully add more and make it a popular site :) hope to everyone that comes to enjoy have a nice time sit back kick your feet back and relax :)

Nov.3.08- Today Emily finished her organizer and mariyah edited the page. While Deion attempted to finish his and Dominic helped Mariyah with what she needed. This group has done lots of work so far we just need a boost to get ahead but for the most part everyone is helping out.

Canadian Geographic Article

Hi i am Dominic and I am going to tell you the connections to my theme of climate.
Climate is my theme, climate connects to all of the other geographical themes.
One connections to population is that people go to wormer climate to farm and have a wormer place to live because i am sere you wouldn't want to be freezing when you sleep :S. Physical regions connects to climate because if there were no plains there would be no weather there and if there were no plains or shield then the populating would be packed it a closer place. Natural recourses is connected to climate cause you need good climate to grow trees and you need a good aria to find oil and it is good to live in BC cause salmon is a big thing :) mmmm.

Hi this is Emily and the theme I am doing is population.Population means the amount of people that live in one area. Population connects to all the other geographical themes. For Natural Resources, people live where they can get the resources they need like food, build materials,oil and more. More things grow down south so more people like to live there. For Climate, more people live where it is warm and has good weather but less people live where it is cold and has bad weather.The most populated area is down south in the great lakes and less populated up north in the arctic. For Physical Regions. People live in more regions then others. For example the one of the most populated region is the great lakes and one of the least populated region is the arctic. So in conclusion people live in different regions because the different climates and thew different resources.

Physical regions
Hello I'm Mariyah and I am doing Physical regions. There are more connections then I can imagine with my theme Physical regions. The connections between climate and physical regions are that there is different climate in some places like the the arctic is way colder then in the plains. This is because it is farther up in the north. The connections between population and Physical regions is that more people live were they can get the stuff they need and were is is good weather it affects were people want to live. More people live in the Gr. St. Lawrence then in the north. The connections between natural resources and physical regions is that more food and resources are found in different places. Like in Canada oil fish and cranberries are found. These are the connections with my theme Physical regions

Natural resources
Hi this is Deion and I'm writing about natural resources.Natural Resources are mostly all the things around us natural resources is soil all the way up to a fully grown tree but for those trees to grow you need the right climate. In different regions there are different foods like in Canada you can find cranberries , corn, meat but in somewhere cold there is not many options. Not very many things can grow were it s cold and were its warm things grow better. People live were they can get natural resources for cheaper and where they can access them quickly .
My theme natural resources is so important you need food to survive so open your eyes.

The important thing about these connections is because you need to know these things. Not many people worry about these things but there very important. Would you want to live somewhere where there is not food? I don't think i would. Its very important to no where the right weather is and where you can get the food and resources you need to survive. I know many kids my age dont really care because they think its none of there concerns well it is because one day your going to have to deal with all of thins. Its so important to learn these 4 themes now because they will come in handy.

Hi this is the X-plorers. We would like to thank you for reading our page on our 4 themes, Natural resources, population, climate,physical regions. All of these themes connect in a way. Example trees and corn need the right climate to grow. More People live where it is warmer and where they can get food and that has to be in a place like the plains because they need the right products. All of these things around us are so important Open you eyes and you can see why. I know i learned a lot on why these things are important.

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