Travel Canada WebQuest

Welcome to Mr. Hayes' Travel Canada WebQuest Wiki!

This classroom-based wiki has been designed for students to display their learning while engaged in a Canadian Geography WebQuest. The wiki format provides students with an opportunity to: contribute to ongoing writing assignments, develop themed web-pages, and work cooperatively in teams to achieve goals.

Students have written articles for the classroom "Canadian Geographic" blog by making contributions and regularly editing the content to ensure that they have the greatest accuracy. All articles focus on the connections found between the following Geographic Themes: Population, Climate, Natural Resources, and Physical Regions. These articles can be found in the menu on the left-side of this page.

WebQuest Link

**Travel Canada WebQuest** link
- use this link to reach the WebQuest for research and assignment purposes

Video Player

  • learn about wikis and see some interesting videos that show Canada's unique identity - plus one that shows the importance of using technology with K - 12 students

Daily Agenda

November 12, 2008

This is your final day to work on your Tourist Guide Wiki and the Presentation. All teams will be presenting tomorrow and need to use this final class to prepare. Here are 4 jobs for your team - each one should take only 10 minutes so divide them up:
  • proofread the Tourist wiki for spelling and grammar - make sure it makes sense!!
  • check the criteria and make sure you are not missing anything - go through each item in the criteria!!
  • complete any last minute changes or additions to your wiki page
  • decide on who will say 'what' during the presentation.
Once you have completed these tasks - see Mr. Hayes and he will give you index cards for your team so that each person can write their script on the card and know what they are going to say and when they will need to say it.

Remember - you are all presenting tomorrow and you will be marked on your presentation skills as well as the content.

Here is a great wiki site to use as a guide for going Above and Beyond when organizing and developing a wiki site:

November 5, 2008

Today we are in the library as you have already noticed. Please take advantage of the fact that you have other resources around you to support your research. At this point you all should have the Planning Page completed and should have started to organize your Province Tourist Guide Wiki - refer to the steps in the November 3rd agenda.

5 Minutes with Mr. Hayes - each team will meet with Mr. Hayes to talk about:
  • what they have done on their wiki
  • what they still need to do
  • and receive some pointers and feedback

Remember to take note of the due dates and split up the jobs that remain on your page. If you have time, look at other pages for ideas.

Oh and there are still no other visitors to our page from other places around our great country. Remember that is worth Moose bucks and you will need to give me advance notice when I should expect to see something on the visitor map.

November 3, 2008

I hope you all had a terrific Hallowe'en and that you still have some candy left.

Today your Team will need to follow the following steps below:
  1. Show a completed Tourist Guide Planner to the teacher to be able to move on to the next stage
  2. With your Team, get one or two laptops - two max and begin planning what you want your Tourist Guide Wiki to look like
  • first - type the Province/Territory Title for the wiki
  • second - type the first subtitle: INTRODUCTION (brief paragraph description about your Province or Territory)
  • third - next subtitle: Sights to Visit (start to type in the place, location, and 3 reasons why someone should visit your sight)
  • fourth - next subtitle: Interesting Links (find 5 or more links that are useful for people researching your Province/Territory)
  • fifth - final subtitle: Extra Information (final paragraph providing interesting information about your Province/Territory)

Each Team needs to be starting the Sights to Visit section by the end of this class.

Remember to visit the link to the Assignment Criteria and the first person to stand up in the front of the class and recite the entire list of Criteria for the Tourist Guide Wiki will receive Moose Bucks!

You will not have any class time to work on this project tomorrow - Remember, the completed wiki is due November 13th.

October 30, 2008

One more day until Hallowe'en - remember to dress up tomorrow!! Today is a day for RESEARCH.

Your goal today is:
  • complete at least 3 more sections on your planning sheet (remember to be detailed!)

Make sure you put the research you find in your own words and that you check with your Team members to see if they already have something you are thinking about writing down. It is important that you have few duplicated places. Finally, make sure you have 3 valid reasons for encouraging people to visit the province.

The TICKET OUT THE DOOR today is to have the front of your Planning Page completed.
The entire page (front & back) is due on Monday.

Extra Challenge - we want visitors to our wiki site! If you can get visitors from all across Canada to visit our page, you can earn Moose Bucks! All you need to do is get someone you know to visit the page and then make sure you tell me before it shows up on our Visitor Map (it usually takes a day or two). So if you get a friend from Calgary to visit the page and tell me the next day and then a day later a dot shows up on our map on Calgary, you earn Moose Bucks!

October 29, 2008

You will spend the first 5 min. of this class fixing up your wiki page and proofreading your Team's Canadian Geographic article. So STOP READING this and AFTER the 5 min. is up, come back to the agenda and read the rest.

Before going on to the next stage, each team member is responsible for providing feedback to another TEAM.
  1. select a team in your class and click on their wiki link
  2. read their article
  3. while on their page, click on the Discussion tab and then give them feedback on their article.
A few notes about Discussion Comments:
- Be positive, constructive and respectful.
- Offer suggestions, ideas, or even links.
- You can't edit after you post so REREAD your comment before you post!

This should only take 5 - 6 min. and the first 4 students finished will receive a bonus.

Ok, now that your articles are done you can move on to the final stage of this assignment. You will be creating a Tourist Guide based on your selected Province or Territory. If your Team has not yet selected a Province or Territory, see Mr. Hayes to finalize this.

The following steps need to be followed:
  • complete the Travel Canada Webquest planner (one per team member)
  • research using the links from the WebQuest page and searching using Google as well as library resources
  • use the details from the planner for your ideas that go on your wiki page
  • check the criteria on the Assignment Criteria page to make sure you are on track

Your EXIT slip today is to have 1 sections on the Planner completed before you can leave for the day.
The entire planner is due Monday.
Your Tourist Guide Wiki Page is due November 10th

October 28, 2008
Today you will be working on your Canadian Geography Article. I would suggest that you divide up the tasks:
  • make sure you have 6 paragraphs or more for your article
  • have someone proofread it for spelling, grammar, and puctuation
  • have someone check over it - making sure it covers geographic connections
  • one team member may want to search for a picture or two that provides a visual for your article
  • and finally, one team member will want to organize you wiki page so that there are titles, subtitles, the text is easy to read, and all of the content is spaced out nicely

Moose bucks will be handed out to the first Team that helps two different groups with edits to their wiki. I will know because the edit will show up in the HISTORY with the editor's name on it.

Remember - the article is due tomorrow!! Use this class wisely.

October 27, 2008
ALL Teams MUST have their Canadian Geographic Article Roughdraft on their wiki page at the beginning of the class. If yours is not on your page yet, take 10 min. to get it on and then report to Mr. Hayes. Once that is done, your entire Team needs to report to Mr. Hayes to let him know what Province or Territory your Team plans on researching.

The reward task for today is for all of you to read over the criteria for the Canadian Geographic Article. The first team to stand and recite together 3 different examples of criteria and then say their team name will win a prize.

Note what you still need to do to complete your article and then use the remainder of the class to finish it. Your Articles are due Wednesday at the beginning of the class.

October 23, 2008
Hopefully we have overcome the technical difficulties ... if not only two of your team members will have a computer today.
This morning you have two tasks:

  1. All paragraphs are typed onto your wiki page and are under a HEADING (Canadian Geographic Article). Please make sure you take the time to edit your work. THEN ... add to your article, make sure it describes the connections and tells a story about Canada's Geography. Take the time to read the criteria for the article on the Assignment Criteria page. The roughdraft of your article is due by the end of this class!!! Homework misses to those who don't have it done.
  2. Your TEAM needs to decide on a Province or Territory to focus on and create a wiki page that advertises your selected Province/Territory. We will begin working on this next week. First Team to tell Mr. Hayes your selected Province/Territory will receive Moose Bucks.... that means your roughdraft of your article is done too!!

Keep adding to your Wiki page ... pictures, symbols, text, titles, table of contents ...make it look great!

October 22, 2008
After you read the agenda today close your lid to 10 degrees to show Mr. Hayes you are ready and your team will receive a prize.

You have two tasks to complete today:
1) Improve the "LOOK" of your wiki page
  • add your Team Name, the members and their specializations
  • titles & colour
  • a table of contents (note the directions below)
  • line breaks to space out the content

2) Write out your paragraphs under the title Canadian Geography Article
  • Once you are finished writing the paragraphs, begin editing
  • then put them together to start forming a short article

This is NOT your finished article - you will still need to add - However, you now have a good start!!

Putting a Table of Contents on your page.
1. You need to 'Use Text Editor'
2. At the top of the screen put the word 'toc' inside double brackets as seen below. Then Save the page.

3. Now any time you highlight text and change the 'Normal' to one of the 'Heading's, that line will go into the Table of Contents.

Then any of your Headings on the page will show up in a Table of Contents.

October 21, 2008
Welcome to your first class session with the Canadian Geography Wiki! Please read the Daily Agenda each time you are in Social Studies and then follow the instructions carefully.

First - Your team needs to decide on a Team Name. Keep it short! 5 to 8 letters long and it MUST relate to Canadian Geography. You have 5 min. to come up with it and report it to Mr. Hayes. First two teams receive Moose Bucks!

Second - When you finish this, you and your team need to finish working on your paragraph rough draft from yesterday. Spend 10 min. on this. If you finish yours, you are responsible to help those in your Team finish theirs.

Third -
Today you will begin to set up your Team's Canadian Geographic Article page. To do that you will need to:
  • click on the link and then click on {Edit this Page}
  • once you have done that, be sure to set up a title for the page and organize a DAILY WORK LOG section for a team member to write a daily work log during the final 5 min. of each class. The work log must include: what each member accomplished, what stage you are currently on of the project, and what your next steps are)
  • remember to work together to make sure the various paragraphs for the article link together

A final IMPORTANT note: be sure to talk to your Team members and make sure you don't make changes at exactly the same time or the changes will not take effect. Remember, you can always go into the History if your changes don't take effect and then copy them into your wiki page later.

Your job today is to have fun and explore the wiki!!

For Parents

Why use wikis and other internet based technology to teach social studies?
The goals of creating a learning environment such as this:

Extend students' responsibility for their own learning.
  • -Allow students to determine what they need to learn.
  • -Enable students to manage their own learning activities.
  • -Enable students to contribute to each other's learning.
  • -Create a non-threatening setting for learning.
  • -Help students develop metacognitive awareness.

Make learning meaningful.
  • -Make maximum use of existing knowledge.
  • -Anchor instruction in realistic settings.
  • -Provide multiple ways to learn content.
    Promote active knowledge construction.
  • -Use activities to promote higher level thinking.
  • -Encourage the review of multiple perspectives.
  • -Encourage creative and flexible problem solving.
  • -Provide a mechanism for students to present their learning.

Internet Safety**

Students in our two Middle School Classes have been instructed to:
  1. Keep their personal information off the Wiki (full name, name of school, email address, even the city we live in)
  2. Send email messages with the assistance of their teacher only
  3. Consider their audience (the world) before they post anything on their Wiki

As educators, we believe that this medium offers numerous educational opportunities and that it needs to be respected and students need to take caution with their actions.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Wiki and ask their child more about what they are doing and how they decide what to post on it.

Source: Bonnie Skaalid. Application of Constructivist Principles to the Practice of Instruction Technology. [Online] Available, March 29th, 2007

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to contribute in some way to this wiki.